Robust enterprise messaging based on Linux and open standards.

Scalix Collaboration Platform is a robust, enterprise-class email and group calendaring solution that is the open alternative to Exchange. It integrates via open standards with your existing and future messaging clients, infrastructure, and applications, protecting your investments and giving you choice. It provides full-feature support of Outlook and is directory agnostic. We've made the source code available so the software can be ported to any platform, and can be extended, localized and customized. It is built on Linux, so you get 99.999% availability with clustering and failover. Our Collaboration Platform forms the foundation for all our product editions, and is made up of the following components.


Scalix Server

The Scalix Server, providing comprehensive messaging with email, group calendaring, contacts, tasks, and shared public folders, Scalix Proxy Folders as well as a native Linux file system for your message store.



A comprehensive administrative environment that includes:

  • An intuitive, AJAX-based Management Console
  • Powerful UI plug-ins for automating tasks
  • Management Services for extending your administrative reach
  • A mature command line interface for execution of any management task desired


Messaging Services

Messaging Services that allow data and functions to be embedded in other applications and vice versa.


Localization Kit

A Localization Kit that exposes the language-specific processes of our software, providing the hooks to integrate third party language processing tools.

Scalix Collaboration Platform is designed to transparently co-exist with the products you decide are best for your business. Our Collaboration Platform uses standards for client interfaces, directory integration, message format, application integration, and message transport.