Flexible services and programs.

We know that email and calendaring is a mission critical application. We designed our support programs with that in mind. Our support services and programs provide technical expertise designed to fit the specific needs of your organization. Each of our support offerings was designed with multiple options so you can choose a solution that is right for your particular situation. It may be that you're new to Linux. No problem. Or it may be that you've authored your own open source project. That's great too. Our goal is to ensure you are getting the most out of your Scalix solution.

If you think Linux is a character in a Dr. Seuss book, you'll probably want to take part in our instructor-led, hands-on technical training and opt for our on-site Deployment services and 24x7 Premium Support plan.

If you're a do-it-yourself Linux guru, you may want to rely on our Wiki, our FAQ and our tech pubs and online help. If you have a question, you may want to ask it on our Community Forums, which are moderated by our support team. If you ever get stuck, you can always buy a support incident and our support team will take care of you.