Freedom and choice.

Freedom from lock-in.

Our Collaboration Platform gives you freedom of choice across the board. Want to leverage your existing LDAP directory? Sure thing. Our product works with any LDAP directory. Want to use a SAN or DAS for your storage architecture? No problem. Use any one you like. Want to keep Outlook on your desktops? Of course. Your users retain full Outlook functionality, and won’t see a difference. Our product even transparently co-exists with Exchange if you choose to maintain a mixed environment. And our high-performance web client works on any desktop, using any of the popular browsers. Enjoy the many benefits of moving your messaging to Linux, while gaining a new-found freedom of choice.

Freedom from rising costs.

Our Linux-based Collaboration Platform gives you 99.999% availability with clustering and failover. Our message store uses a native file system so you don’t have to manage a database. You are free to use 32-bit or 64-bit hardware. We don’t silo our server roles, so you can grow your system without having to re-architect anything. You can upgrade your software or add a new server without incurring any licensing costs. With SmartCache processing on local machines, you can centralize your messaging servers. Want further savings? Use our desktop-like web client and eliminate the need to manage desktops. Or choose from a selection of open source tools for data protection, storage management, and more

Freedom to use any email client or desktop.

Want to continue using Outlook clients? No problem. Need to support Linux or Mac desktops? Got it covered. Want the option of a thin web client that has the functionality, usability, and performance of a desktop client? You got it. Any client. Any desktop.

Freedom to migrate users transparently.

We’ve taken the pain out of email server migration by providing a zero-impact automated migration process. Outlook users can be switched to our mail server without interruption of their service, and with no change in Outlook usability or features. With a frictionless transition you get a rock solid messaging platform based on Linux and open standards.