Product editions to meet the needs of every organization.

We package our product into a variety of editions, designed to meet the needs of organizations of every size. All of our product editions are based on Scalix Collaboration Platform – our robust, enterprise-class email and group calendaring solution. Our editions include:

Enterprise Edition

Support for multiple servers and high availability

Scalix Enterprise Edition is our industrial strength solution designed for the demanding needs of enterprises. It supports multiple servers and high availability, and scales for even the largest organizations.


Small Business Edition

Single- server edition

Scalix Small Business Edition is our single-server solution designed for small businesses. It includes a rich package of business functionality including a means to instantly recover deleted items on a user-specific basis, wireless device support and more.

Hosting Edition

Outsourced e-mail and group calendaring

Scalix Hosted Edition is our multi-tenant solution designed for MSPs looking to provide customers with outsourced e-mail.

Scalix Starter Packs

Upwardly mobile messaging

Scalix Starter Packs are designed to get smaller companies up and running quickly with a powerful email and calendaring system including ActiveSync mobility for 5 or 10 users.

Community Edition

Free with 5 premium users

Scalix Community Edition is a product we've packaged and made available for free so every organization can try out and use our robust messaging solution. It includes Scalix Collaboration Platform and 10 Premium Users.


Wireless from the source

Scalix ActiveSync is a server-side implementation of Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol, providing for push Email and wireless calendar and contact synchronization with a wide variety of devices, ranging from Apple's iPhone over Symbian-based devices from Nokia and Sony-Ericsson to PDAs and SmartPhones running Windows Mobile 2005 and higher.

Scalix Connect for Blackberry Enterprise Server is a server-side deployment that supports all Blackberry devices, and provides for push email, wireless over-the-air contact, calendar and task synchronization, meeting scheduling, out of office and remote address book/GAL lookup.

Scalix Antispam and Scalix ZeroHour Antivirus

Real time defense for your email

Scalix AntiSpam and Scalix ZeroHour AntiVirus provide an additional layer of real time defense against spam, phishing, spyware, virus and worm attacks sent out in e-mail blasts. The enhanced security services, powered by Commtouch, are available options for the Small Business, Enterprise, and Hosting editions of Scalix 12.6 or greater.